Sun Martial Arts was born simply because it had to be.  Over a 25 year period, we researched and gathered data on what are the main problems and concerns people have. As we analyzed the data, we noticed that although there are many extra-curricular activities for kids, almost none of them were giving children the benefits and skills that parents really want, and that the kids really need. 

My name is Dave Pryga, Founder, and CEO of Sun Martial Arts LLC and I've been helping kids reach their full potential with martial arts since 1994.  By working with kids from many different backgrounds and situations for almost three decades, I've been able to repeatably get the results parents most want. Over and over, I've seen the overwhelming pride and joy the parents and families of my students have when they see the results of my program.  Being a parent of three myself, I tuly understand the stress and worry we all have when it comes to giving our children the tools they need for success. 

I have developed a proven process that works and I want to make this process accessible to parents who really want to see their child grow into a confident standout amongst peers and great leader. 

Our mission at Sun Martial Arts LLC is to provide our students with the most current and effective system and tools to develop strong healthy minds and bodies and the ability to defend themselves.

There's an epidemic of incomplete and misleading information being perpetuated by other martial arts schools and we're here to clear it up, simplify it, and provide the best training and experience available today.

At Sun Martial Arts, We are committed to continually improving our service to our students through continuing education and training. So, if you want to check out how and why our proven system can help your child,  then use the button below and I'll see you on free training.
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