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Dear Prospective Student,

Have you ever asked yourself…

  • How can I get in better shape, reduce my stress level and enjoy doing it?
  • How can I learn self defense skills or, help my kids stay safe from bullies while making the right choices?
  • How can I find an activity that I can enjoy that’s centered on positive values?

If you’re looking for answers to the questions above, I just may have a solution.

Finally… Adult and Youth Friendly Martial Arts Classes!

Martial arts instructor Dave Pryga from Concord NCMy name is Dave Pryga and I’m the owner and Chief Instructor at Sun Martial Arts here in Concord, North Carolina. For decades I’ve been sharing the life-changing values of the traditional authentic martial arts with Adults and Kids.

And let me tell you – martial arts changes lives. I know because I’ve seen it at work in my own studios and among my own students for years.

I know it’s hard to find an activity that not only promotes good physical health, but also good mental and emotional health as well. And, that’s why I’d like to share with you just what our martial arts classes here at Sun Martial Arts can do for you.

Sun Martial Arts for Adults

What if you could get in shape and drop a few pounds, all while enjoying an activity that teaches powerful and effective self-defense skills that everyone should know?

At Sun Martial Arts we teach a program for adults that will help you get in shape while learning self-defense skills that will help you boost your confidence as well as protect yourself and your family.

Plus, it’s an activity that you will be sharing with other like minded adults as well.

Sure, you could join a gym and spend a few hours a week there, sweating on the treadmill while you watch Judge Judy reruns on the big screen…

But let me ask you this –

In ten years, will you look back fondly on all the time you spent at the gym watching T.V. and waiting in line for the chest machine?

Or, would you rather that you’d spent that time making great memories and new friends, as well as ensuring that you have the life skills and confidence to achieve your dreams and goals?

Sun Martial Arts for Kids

Let’s talk about kids for a moment. You see, I’m a parent too.

And, there’s just about nothing I wouldn’t do for my family. I want the best for them, as I’m sure you do as well.

Kids today have to walk a virtual minefield of choices – drugs, violence, bullying… it’s enough to make a parent want to move to the country and home school your kids till their 30!

I know how you feel, but you don’t have to become the “Swiss Family Robinson” in order to protect your kids from the dangers of modern living.

In fact, by enrolling your children at Sun Martial Arts, you’ll be equipping them with valuable life skills they can use to make the right choices in their daily lives.

At Sun Martial Arts, your children will develop…

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Self-defense skills
  • Bully-proofing skills
  • Improved mental focus
  • And increased physical fitness

Of course, having these valuable life skills isn’t a foolproof insurance against the dangers your kids face everyday –

But, it will stack the odds in their favor, and you can sleep better at night knowing that you’re doing everything you can to help your children succeed, in school and in life.

Here’s How You Can Get Started Today…

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P.S. – By the way, with our trial program, there’s no obligation or pre-mature commitment. We just want you to experience what our program can do for you.  So, fill out the short form so you can get started today… we’re waiting to hear from you!