What’s the difference between you and other area Martial Arts programs?
Our program and teaching methodology is unique to this area. Most other schools focus on tournaments, competitions, or MMA….we focus on Individual Accomplishment and giving our students solid, real world self defense skills.  This leads to true confidence, without arrogance. Our youth classes also focus on giving students strong character values along with good physical fitness.  We have many years of experience working with students of all ages and abilities, helping them to achieve their goals.

Are The Martial Arts Right For Me (Or My Child?)

Yes. We know we all will face tough challenges and life-altering decisions on our journey. So, help yourself  develop the strength, confidence and self-mastery skills that will allow you to choose the very BEST course that’s right for YOU – MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING! Our curriculum provides a constant and never ending approach to developing you to become a well-skilled, highly-confident, self-disciplined leader in our community.

What Style Of Martial Arts Do You Teach?

SUN Martial Arts teaches a very comprehensive martial art system focusing on the arts of PaSaRyu and Hapkido. Our PaSaRyu system is based on the styles of Karate, Chuan-Fa (Kung- Fu), and TaeKwonDo.   Our curriculum is proven to develop a very versatile Martial Arts athlete and also provides a constant challenge for learning and developing new skills. It’s very progressive, exciting and dynamic, while also being very practical and effective. Additionally, through a system called the “Philosophy of Sun”,  our students learn how to apply their education to lead non-violent and successful lives. Hapkido teaches extremely powerful self-defense techniques such as joint locks, throws, takedowns, etc. We also teach defense against weapons. The two systems compliment each other very well. Students may earn belt rank in either art, or both.

Are The Instructors Certified?

Absolutely. Master Dave is directly certified and authorized to teach and promote students in the arts of PaSaRyu and Hapkido. He is ranked Sixth Degree Black Belt directly by Grandmaster Kang Rhee of Memphis TN. Grandmaster Rhee is a true pioneer  of Martial Arts is the US, having established the PaSaRyu Asscociation in 1966.

Do You Have Age Specific Training?

Yes, we have classes for a variety of ages and stages of development. Our youngest students are called  Dynamites.  Master Dave Pryga originally developed this program over ten years ago to provide a fun, yet very well structured approach to develop early stage motor skills, better listening abilities, and show kids how to work well with others. We also teach simple Stranger Danger & Awareness, along with exciting Martial Arts games that build strength, agility and aims their endless energy in a positive direction.

Our Youth program teaches goal-setting and is a great physical exercise program. We get kids into great shape and build their self-esteem and overall self-confidence.  We teach our kids valuable life skills that enhance solid character development and stress academic achievement. The majority of our advanced Junior students are high academic achievers and well rounded athletes.

Our Adult students are recapturing the energy and stamina of their youth.  Most will tell you that they are currently in the best shape of their lives.  It’s a versatile well rounded fitness program. Three keys areas of our fitness training include, flexibility, strength and muscle tone, along with stamina and endurance.

No matter what age, all students benefit from the emphasis on conditioning their mind, body and spirit. Mentally, students are developing the ability to concentrate and stay focused on their goals.  Physically, they are becoming healthier, happier and more fit, while learning valuable skills of self-defense. When it comes to the spirit, Martial Arts training triggers our positive emotions and teaches us to better control the negative ones.

Do I Need To Be In Good Physical Shape To Begin Training With Your School?

Absolutely not.  The best time to start your journey is right now! Our Programs are designed to lay a strong foundation of skill and conditioning. Whether you’re a beginner to the arts, or you’ve had previous experience, each student will progress at the pace that is right for them. All new members are guided through a basic training  routine that is modified to fit each individuals needs and desires. Of course, if you’ve been an inactive adult it is always best to make sure you are healthy enough to participate in this type of activity. We are here to help you succeed!

How Many Times A Week Do Students Usually Attend Class?

We  generally recommend two times a week. But students may train in more classes if they wish. We offer a variety of  classes to fit your schedule . Your Instructor will help you create an action plan to achieve your desired results.

Why Is Martial Arts Supposed To Be So Good For You?

It has been found that people that train the martial arts, often see dramatic and continual improvements in many areas of their lives. Improvements in self confidence, self discipline and overall self esteem are common as well as becoming a better leader.  The many physical and health  benefits  realized through training have a positive long term impact and value to people of all ages, including, greater flexibility, endurance and energy,  strength and muscle tone. SUN Martial Arts students walk tall, stand proud and lead by example with the energy for leadership excellence.

What is the cost of tuition?

While we can give this information over the phone or e-mail, we always prefer to meet the prospective student and/or parents, and show them our program in person. Don’t worry, we are not sales people, we are Martial Artists and educators. If we have to pressure someone into training with us, then this is not the school for them. We want prospective students to get a feel for the environment at our school and meet with the Instructor – it is where you will spend lots of time if you enroll. During visits, tuition costs are discussed and clearly explained.

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