SUN Martial Arts for Adults

SUN Martial Arts Adult Program (Teens & Up)

•    Gets you in Great Shape.  Our Adult Program incorporates specialized strength, flexibility, and breathing exercises designed to get you  into the best shape ever!  You will lose excess body fat, gain muscle tone, and greatly improve your overall condition.

•    Relieves Stress.  The need for stress management in our lives is of great importance. Our instructors incorporate specific techniques into each class to help you control the stress in your life.

•    Builds Confidence.  The confidence-building part of our curriculum is what students appreciate the most.  Nothing can take the place of the security of knowing that you can defend yourself and loved ones, if you have to.

•    At SUN Martial Arts, everything we teach is reality based. We make sure you are prepared for most any self-defense scenario. Our system relies on knowledge and movement to complete techniques, rather than speed or strength. Thus, a 220 lb. attacker would be at the mercy of a 110 lb. trained practitioner.

•    Is a lot of fun! You’ll enjoy the friendship, camaraderie and respect our class offers

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